How about Try Chinese English exams?
1、——Tomorrow ____ my birthday. I’d like you and Jane to come. ——I’m not sure if she ____ free.
A、will be; is B、is going to; is C、is; is D、is; will be
2、——Do you have anything in mind ____ you’d like for supper? ——Well, ____ is okay with me.
A、that; anything B、which; everything C、what; whatever D、where; something
3、Parents are advised to take pressure ____ a child and give him some encouragement before an exam.
A、off B、out C、from D、away
4、The generous donation from China to the sufferers in the killing Indian Ocean Quake-tsunami has ____ the Chinese people’s unselfishness and internationalism.
A、let out B、brought out C、given out D、taken out
5、My command of English is not ____ yours.
A、as half as B、so half good as C、good as half as D、half so good as
6、I know the man by ____ but I have never spoken to him.
A、chance B、heart C、sight D、experience
7、____ nearly all behavior is learned behavior is a basic assumption of social scientists.
A、/ B、That C、It is acceptable D、When
8、——Mary, what would you say to a holiday for the weekend?
——____. I am simply tired of life here.
A、You’re taken the words out of my mouth B、Enjoy yourself
C、I can’t afford the time D、Where should we go?

Please leave your answers. I will publish the correct answer the day after tomorrow. 
Jul 11, 2016 1:08 AM
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