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Sae Watai
What does "success" mean for you?

Recently, I couldn't pass the companies I really wanted to join. It was sad and frustrating for me. So I started to think what would be "success" in my life. Joining a famous company? Earning a lot of money? Or just being happy? 

I hope to hear your opinions :)

Jul 11, 2016 1:21 PM
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Well, in my opinion, everyone is born successful by getting a precious life.So if we can enjoy it ,then we are more successful or if not we still remain successful.So we have to think always positive and everything will be all right.:)Correct me if i am wrong

July 11, 2016

That happend to me too lately. I failed kinda big company at the last interview. after that, I reconsider why I wanted to work for the company and I didn't think of anything xD After that, I could reconsider what I really want to do and found so maybe that was good to have failed for me.

I think success means to accomplish something you want to but I don't think succeeding's important.

July 11, 2016
Success for me is have a good mood every day.  Have health body.Then I have enough time  to enjoy good movie,music and books.
July 11, 2016
Success depend on individual attitude. To me, success is achievement targets that I set up for myself. However this targets is not beyond my reach. I never think that success lies on working in famous company or earning a lot of money because my mood is always flexible, happy when I have a job suitable for my favour and passion than what is evaluated as the best things by other people. When I am satisfied with myself. it is mean that I get success. I hope you are lucky in other position.
July 11, 2016

Thank you all for the comments!! I'm so glad to hear many opinions :D

July 12, 2016
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