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NEED A GOOD PARTNER FOR ENGLISH Hi,  I am Russian. I've got a problem to find a good partner for talking in English because most of the guys thinks that is a dating service so that's why I'm looking for some female partner who would be able to talk in English with me about an ordinary things over the skype. 

Thanks =)
11 يوليو 2016 13:52
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Hello, I am a professional teacher and I can help you improve your English. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need lessons!
11 يوليو 2016

I think this happens when you don't choose your language partner carefully. There few points have to be covered in her/his profile such as: his/her targets to join this website and learn a certain a new language, the details provided in his/her profile, and his/her activities within the entire discussions. I think these points greatly show how serious, and motivated he/she is. Finally, you can measure how much perfect he/she can share studying and practicing with you. I mostly apply this strategy before communicating with someone, and it helps a lot.

Good luck

11 يوليو 2016

I'm not woman, but I have no interest in girls haha

So, would you like to talk?

11 يوليو 2016
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