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What's your dream??

Mine is living and working abroad maybe in London!!!

Tell me yours :D that doesn't matter if that's realistic or not. Just write it down!


Jul 11, 2016 2:48 PM
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1. To live in a house made of ice cream in summer, and in a house made of cheese in winter :D

2. To go in a trip by train.

3. To attend the Olympic Games once in my life.

4. To be able to speak Spanish one day, as I speak Arabic and English.

5. To have my own resturant and bake/ create my own pies/ tarts and sell them.

And many other dreams :')

July 12, 2016
My dream is to someday meet my closest pen pals in person. Also to travel across Europe, eating all the food in each country. XD Oh and to be a ninja. ^^
July 12, 2016
My dream is to travel all over the world, i want to go and see different countries,beautiful places,
July 11, 2016

To visit America

July 11, 2016

Nice dreams :) I found out many people here want to live or go abroad.

I think Japan's beautiful country too! I just want to try living other countries. the reason I chose London is just that I fell in love with British English :D

July 11, 2016
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