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Is it ok for teachers to solicit new customers by sending strangers personal messages?

This happens very rarely to me, but I just wanted to know what others' opinions were. Imo, it crosses the line, and I find it a little intrusive. Not a big deal, but I'm still curious what you all think. 

12 de jul de 2016 4:50
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It has happened a few times to me for my target language. For that culture, personal intrusion is not considered as crossing the line. 

I don't consider it as a big deal though I would rather not receive them.

12 de Julio de 2016

I think teachers sending such personal messages and especially those answering requests for a language exchange are not doing themselves a favor as students will only get annoyed and be less likely to select them. Otherwise, I don't mind much, I receive lots of uninteresting messages anyway and my contact here is public. Interestingly, I've never received such a message for the language I am learning, but I have for other languages that I'm not learning.

12 de Julio de 2016

I think it is a bit overboard... On the same note, I've yet to have any students. 

I don't believe that it is the correct way to go about things. However, I do see why others might. I would not advocate it, at all. With that said, I do not recall seeing any rules against it...

Do you think we should have one?

12 de Julio de 2016

No comment but I will investigate their CV again to check if they are suitable for my learning.

12 de Julio de 2016
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