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Rania Nuriah
What is IELTS?

I saw "IELTS" word for several times in italki, but actually i'm still confused what is "IELTS" ? Could you explain about it to me? What is "IELTS" for?


12 июля 2016 г., 12:01
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It is International English Language Testing System

12 июля 2016 г.

IELTS is an international English test that measures your basic skills, and the score given reflects how much you are qualified to travel to certain countries. Other countries need another English test, IBT which is required also to measure the basic skills. IBT is mostly more difficult than IELTS.

12 июля 2016 г.
If you want to work or learn abroad, IELTS is a neccessary test for you to take to prove your English level, in other words, a high IELTS grade shows that you are able to survive in a English-speaking country. Now I'm preparing for it...
12 июля 2016 г.
It's actually the name of an Englsh British test.
12 июля 2016 г.
Rania Nuriah
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