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Our Dream is Higher than Sky, Stronger than Mountain We are little creation in this large universe. But two things we have that no one has, its our brain, and our heart. With this two things we can conquer all the dream.  When we saw flying birds, we wanted to fly in the sky. So we made airplane. At night when a boy compared the beauty of his girl with moon, did we ever think we can step on the moon? No one even dreamed, but we achieved it too. We stepped on moon. That made us different. Our dream is higher than sky, stronger than mountain. If we decide to do anything, we just need to keep doing it, and never give up. One day  dream can come true. But dream must be logical. I mean it shouldn't be too weird and out of everything. So now whatever the  position you have, wherever you living, whatever your status is, keep going towards your dream. Don't give up, Don't lose hope. If we can fly , if we can step on the moon, then we can achieve anything. Smile, Live your dream, Spread peace, and keep going. Life is short, world is so competitive, don't stand, don't take rest in between, just keep going. After you achieve your dream, then turn back and say :::: LOOK I DID IT. those who making fun of you now, those who thinking you can't do anything, just ignore them and keep walking. Time will come when your critics will shut and surprize, time will come when people will love you , will cheer for you. Time will come, keep walking.
Jul 12, 2016 2:40 PM
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Every living being has brain and heart except microbes,but we have the most advanced brain.or I can say it is the best one God could ever make.And you are right that we learnt by watching the nature and discovered and invented so many things till date.So thank you for motivating us.Keep it up:)

July 12, 2016
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