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Sae Watai
What are good and bad points of your country?

For example, in Japan, one of the good points is the safety. If you drop your wallet or phone, someone finds it and brings it to the police. So you can get back! (It happened to me

One of the bad points is too much pressure. There are many rules here as you might have heard. There is no really flexibility. I felt that a lot when I was looking for a job. 

So I want to know good and bad sides of other countries as well. Thanks! 

Jul 12, 2016 5:36 PM
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Good and bad sides of the UK.

Good: We have a good system in general, with free health care and good minimum wage which you can live on well. Furthermore, in Scotland where I am, university is also free (but in England it is not). Because of the colder weather we don't have things like storms and earthquakes and we don't have disgusting creepy crawlies, like a lot of tropical or hot countries do. Also in Scotland in particularly, during summer, although it is still mainly cold, we have about 21 hours of daylight. We have only 3 hours of night! It is wonderful.

Bad: The culture can sometimes be cold too; they are not very close with each other and at times it seems, at least where I live in Scotland, that the only past time is drinking. They don't seem to be close with family, and because of that, don't seem close with friends also. Also, because it is an English country, and therefore very close with American media, the culture is also becoming very false. People care too much about how they look, and materialistic things like money and what car they have, rather than more real things. Also, a big negative - the weather. It's cold, rainy, windy, freezing, sometimes snowing - but rarely ever warm lol. It might be good because there is not much creepy crawlies but it doesn't feel nice to be always in cold and dreary weather. There you go!

July 12, 2016

I live in Ukraine and I don't like it. My mother have pension 30$.We have most expencive cars in the Europe. And I don't know what I like here

July 14, 2016
Sweden is like Scotland, from what I can tell of the description above, so I don't have to write an entry myself! We're not English-speaking, though, but have a language of our own. But don't worry! Most people understand English well enough to give directions to tourists, so you don't have to learn an extra language if you decide to visit.
July 14, 2016


Good: people from other countries love Brazil because it is a great place to visit. Great nature, warm and happy and beautiful people, lots of diversity, good food. But, for me, all the good things about my country get drowned in the bad ones as you live here.

Bad: crime (we have more murders in here that war zones such as Syria and Iraq), corruption, lack of education, infrastructure and general systems don't work, people are loud and aggressive, almost everything is very expensive.

That's why I'm moving to Japan by the end of the year :)

July 13, 2016


Pros- Hollywood movies, wide open spaces, our universities, diverse land  environments, diverse cultures, pizza (sorry Italy), strong devotion to our friends, and Kobe Bryant :)

Cons- angry drivers, corrupt politicians, racism (although it exists everywhere), the next US president (guess this goes with politics), and the worst thing would probably be public education (K-12th grade).

July 14, 2016
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