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Best method for learning vocabulary

What is the best method for learning vocabulary in your opinion?

I love flashcards, but I end up having thousands, and I cannot learn them as fast as they show up. I read a lot in the foreign language, but then I am always torn between looking up words, which will stop my reading, or just continuing and living with not-knowing the word at hand...... 

What do you use? If you use flashcards, how do you procede with the amount of vocab that comes up in a lesson, book or magazine? 

Looking forward to a lively discussion and your opinion...

Jul 13, 2016 12:11 PM
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I use the website called "memrise" from time to time.

July 21, 2016

Hi Jennifer, 

I think the best way to improve your speaking is to practice by speaking with real people who will give you both the common vocabulary  and all the popular expression.

A langage is alive, it changes a lot from a decade to another and I've never seen any book that provide all those info.

I am a French native speaker, born and raised in France; I lived in NYC for 2 years and I am now living in Italy, in Rome. I would be very happy to help you improve your French. Go check my profil, I provide French classes for all kind of students.

Hope to read from you very soon,



July 20, 2016

I believe reading broadly is the best way to expand your vocabulary.

Unlike films, songs, and other media, text is dense with language contents, and in fact has nothing else in it - it gives you the maximum concentration.  Plus, unlike flashcards and other drill websites, texts always have the vocabulary in context, which in my opinion is critically important.  I believe memorizing words in isolation is a waste of time.  Language can't be learned out of context.

As for the issue of looking up words without too much disruption, you can try some simple aids to help it.

I tend to look up most unknown words I encounter, but I also try to minimize the disruption by always reading online with an English translation on the side.  I also rely heavily on the browser-based dictionary that lets you check it without leaving the page.  With these two things, I can keep the disruption to an acceptable level.  The English translation is useful in another way too - you can try practicing translation with it.  You try a translation of a line, and immediately check it against the professional translation. This could become a great source of fun as you get better with the language.

July 15, 2016

Hi ,

Im not a native English speaker but I was learning English vocabularies  through using them at my daily life even if the environment around with another language and can't help to learn English,, I use English at market or library

I read ingredients which been written on "cans"  for ex. in  English instead of my native language

Repeating is important for new words ,, trying to use those new words many times during the day

watching English movies,,listening to English stations at radio also helped me increasing my vocabularies and knowing the correct


hope those tips will be useful for you:)

Good luck

July 13, 2016
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