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Mapping the United Swears of America

A linguist created a tool for searching word frequency in different parts of America (by analysing tweets). Naturally, someone had to look up the naughty words, and the results are really surprising. For example, who knew that "f*ck" is most popular in the coastal states, and that "hell" is common in the southeastern US but not in Florida?

(obviously, if you're offended by swear words you shouldn't follow the link below)

Actually the whole blog "Strong Language" is very interesting and funny, and the linguistic mapping tool is quite easy to use (though the words I searched didn't tend to show differences as dramatic as for the swears)

Just goes to show: separating English into AmE and BrE is an oversimplification. There's a lot of variety in language use even within a single country.

Jul 14, 2016 4:59 AM
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