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"get all diva-like on my ass" meaning?

I came across this baffling sentence when I played a game called "va11 halla".

The whole sentence goes like this:

The worst part about that is they KNOW half of our clicks come from them so they get all diva-like on my ass.

For your information, the speaker is the chief editor of a newspaper and "they" refer to columnists. I don't understand what "get all diva-like on my ass" mean. It's like an idiom or slang but I can't find it anywhere in dictionaries or on the Internent.

Could you help me understand it? Thank you in advance.

Jul 14, 2016 2:45 PM
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You're right, it's slang (made-up, not a common idiom) and not grammatically correct, so don't try too hard to include it into your vocabulary. 

A diva is someone who is difficult to deal with and hard to please because they think they are better than other people and have a big ego. So when this person says 'diva-like' it just means acting like a diva. 'On my ass' is just a cruder way of saying 'on me' or 'towards me'

In short, this person made up a sentence that roughly means 'they were acting really difficult towards me'

July 14, 2016
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