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Spanish proverbs Can you translate these provers in English or Romanian for me, please?

1 Año bisiesto, dificiles DOCE meses para el cesto.

2 Cabeza grande y gran cabeza, son DOS cosas muy diferentes.

3 De Navidad a San Juan, SEIS meses van.

4 De cada DIEZ hombres favorecidos, CINCO contentos y CUATRO desagradecidos.

5 Madrid, NUEVE meses de invierno y TRES infierno.

6 Cielo empedrado, a lad VIENTICUATRO horas mojado.

7 TREINTA días trae noviembre, como abril, junio y septiembre, de VIENTIOCHO no hay más que uno; los demás, de TREINA Y UNO.

8 De un mal nacen SIETE, cuando no VEINTE.

9 Más vale ser el PRIMERO en su aldea que el SEGUNDO en Roma.
Jul 14, 2016 8:33 PM
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Despite being Spanish, never heard most of these proverbs, and this kind of phrases often mean something different from what the literal reading says, so my translation may not reflect their actual meaning.

July 14, 2016
1 Leap year, difficult twelve months for the basket.

2 A big head and a great head, are two very different things.

3 From Christmas to Saint John, six months pass by.

4 From every ten men you help, five will be happy and four ungrateful. (No idea what happens to the tenth)

5 Madrid, nine months of winter and three months of hell.

6 Overcast sky, in twenty-four hours will be wet.

7 Thirty days has November, as April, June and September, only one has twenty-eight; and the remaining, thirty-one.

8 From one evil seven are born, if not twenty.

9 Better being the first in your village than the second in Rome.

July 14, 2016
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