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What is your country like? I am very interested in different cultures and would like to know how you all feel about your country! 
2016年7月15日 00:43
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Well, I just hope Trump is not elected in my country.
Hey Lynne. I am American as well and hope he is not elected!

Hi Mellyssa, In my country(India),there exist many cultures,traditions, and people belongs to different community or religions celebrate those with an open heart and great enthusiasm.It is a very diverse country,but the cultures,traditions bind the people with one thread.Here, we feel unity in diversity.So cultures and traditions have a great role in the human society to make them treated as a sweet family:)

Hi Sara! It is nice to meet you. I have seen images of your country and it looks beautiful! I corrected your reply. Did you mean dialect when you said accent? I hope this helps :)

Hi Mellyssa. How are you? I'm Sara from Argentina. I would like improve my English so I hope that you will correct me. My country is very large and it has different climates and dialects. For example, people from the North have a different dialect than people from the South, among other provinces. We are a mixed culture with foreign influences.
Hello Nana. I am very interested in learning about Chinese culture! Especially the literature and art. I really enjoy learning about ancient cultures and I know that China has such a vast history! Where did you live abroad? What are some of the traditional ways of living that you are referring to? I am from America and my mother is from the Philippines and my father is of German, Irish, and Dutch decent. Even though my mother has her traditions that she feels are important, I've learned the importances of discovering your own identity and being open-minded. :)
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