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Mazharul Rifat
What's your strategy to remember vocabularies?

I'm learning English from last 6 months.I am still focusing on enriching my vocabularies level. I want to know the best way of memorizing English vocabularies.

What's the best way to memorize new English vocabularies?

Jul 15, 2016 11:04 AM
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Hi Mazharul,

I would try to learn collocations and to use them in various contexts.So don't learn just  "make" but "to make a decision".

I use Memrise for learning and revising. Are you able to speak German? If yes, you could have a look at my blog, there are tons of tips.

Kind regards Christine

July 15, 2016
Hi=) I've never enjoyed learning words without context, even as a beginner. I memorise things quicker if they are connected for me to a reading, discussion or interesting conversation. Sometimes I made notes with new words from my readings, the ones I saw as helpful and would like to start using in my active vocabulary. There are also a lot of vocabulary textbooks which introduce new words and provide a lot practice. 
July 16, 2016

(I just wrote this on another thread)

I use Anki,  a free ¨spaced repetition¨ computer program to  help me review words on a schedule that research shows is most efficient for memorizing things.  

I do as he describes in this video below. I watch a video or movie in my target language that has subtitles in my target language as the source for finding words I want to memorize .  If the link does not work for you, search for:  Anki: What it is, how to use it (to learn a language) 

July 15, 2016

Hi! I use special app for learning new words. It's very helpful. Now a lot of such kind applications exist. I use "Memrise" ( Also flashcards are very helpful. Try to look for the app you would find convenient. I think nowadays it's the most popular way to memorise new vocabulary. Good luck!


July 15, 2016

Hi Mazharul

There are a lot of different ways to remember new words. You might want to read my italki article about this exact topic:

I hope it is useful for you.


July 15, 2016
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