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which fantasy worlds would you choose to live in ? There are so many imaginary worlds including : Narnia ,Middle earth , Westeros , world of warcraft and ....
If u were supposed to live in one of these worlds ,which one was your choice ?why?
Jul 16, 2016 1:46 AM
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I really enjoyed Harry Potter when it only started. And I guess the ability to clean your room or repair something by magic appeals to many people (no matter if you have to study difficult spells for this=))) I also think that the books and the movies appeared to be very cozy, showing tasty food in candle light, cuddling in a lap blanket, things like Hogsmeade, a lot of family stories and family atmosphere. I guess that's why the setting appeals to many women. 
July 16, 2016

Harry Potter would be cool! But only if you're a witch or wizard... It would suck to be transported to that world and turns out you're just a Muggle :(

I think (and not just because of all the recent hype!) that living in Pokemon world would be cool. Traveling around, meeting new people, making friends with cute, cuddly animals. Awesome!

World of Warcraft and Middle Earth seem a little too intense for me. Westeros... Ugh...

July 16, 2016
Middle Earth....
July 16, 2016
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