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Are you/your country open minded towards people of different beliefs/religions/backgrounds?

Hello everyone. I am from the the United States and right now my country is experiencing turmoil, fueled in part by racial and religious misguidance and hatred. There is hatred between caucasians and African Americans, and there are even Americans who believe that foreigners have no place in the USA. I, however, do not share these beliefs. From an early age I have cultivated a mindset that is open and a heart that strives to understand those who are different from me. Ultimately, I think that our differences that make us unique and beautiful, and that it imperative for us a world to strive to understand one another better. 

I would like to know how you and you country feel about this topic. Are you open-minded? Or do you cling to traditional beliefs?

2016年7月16日 03:17
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Hello, in my opinion it's growing problem in Europe nowadays, because of float of them form the middle east. So is in Poland, my country. However little refugees Polish government accepts to come, there are violet incidents against any non-white. In the 'common sense' of typical Polish patriot anybody who looks differently is a possible danger.

What's more as far as I remember anti-Semitism has been presented always. Strangely enough, for as I've been living circa 40 years, I've met only 2 or 3 Jews in my life. There is anti-Semitism but there are hardly any Jews in here. The people keep on recalling the before-WW2 times when Jews was wildly spread in our society, and projecting those times to Polish current state of affairs.

I strongly disagree with Sudeep about harmony in India. As far as I know, there is big Muslims-Hindus conflict going on in Kashmir. Religions cause problems, they serve  for the aggression like wind to windmill. In my point of view a common religion wouldn't be the solution, because humans are every now and then intelligent. It's very likely that you find a few people who would think your only religion is simply nonsense. What's then?

However I, an atheist, cannot imagine the world without religion. Human race generally is too lazy and too stupid for that. We love clichés, prejudice. Moreover we dream on being better then others.

Do you see any solution of this problem?


That is a good question to ask someone or oneself.In my country(India),several religions are there.It is a secular country.People belongs to a specific religion do not show hegemony over others.All respects each others traditions and celebrate those in a  jubilant mood.Yes,it is true, sometimes there are clashes between people belong to the different community but it is rare and it occurs due to mismatch of perceptions.But still, all live in peace and harmony.

For me,religion is a brand we use to wrap the actual thing of our life and for me, the actual essence of life is humanity,our behaviour and attitude towards other people and towards nature.

So there is no any bitterness for anyone or anything in my heart and mind.Everyone are equally respectable and lovable:)


Hi Mellyssa!

That's a good question. I think the human kind is facing an era of spiritual evolving that's going to be bound by love and respect for each other in a way that everybody will soon realise that we are all equal. But until this day have come, we have lots of wars to fight – and win.

I live in Brazil, and despite the bunch of different ethnicities and cultures we have here that makes us all Brazilians, one of the most mixed up people in the world, we have the racism problem entangled in our society too. In a country where the majority of its people has an African heritage, I can't understand how is there space for this kind of poor mentality nowadays...

Yet the truth is that there's gonna be lots of hatred before we can all love to each other like the unique thing we are: humans. With all our flaws, weaknesses, differences and silly thoughts that makes us apart. It's going to be a tough path until the mankind achieve this goal, that's to use our brains to think like the thinking animals we are supposed to be.

I've read a quote some days ago, that said: To have friends, first you need to be one.

Until we stop fighting to each others for such silly things, we won't win that battle, unfortunately.

Best wishes!

* Feel free to correct me, I'd appreciate it since I'm not a native speaker.  ;-)

Hello Darek. I appreciate your input on my discussion post. I believe that most human beings, not all, give into their vices; whether it be greed or a lust for power, and often times they employ that vices through trying to control other human beings. I believe that the we as humans must strive to understand one another and to put our biases and prejudices aside in order to move create a better humanity. However, the right road is not always the easy one, and in this case it appears that it is much easier for people to approach one another hatred and bigotry rather than humbling themselves and seeking a common ground. I do not think that it is lazy or stupid to believe in religion, however, I believe that it is imperative for each individual to decide what they choose to believe in for themselves and to understand that in this world we will not all share the same beliefs and that is okay. Often times I see that people try to impose their ideologies on others who do not share the same beliefs war almost instantaneously ensues. I would hope that one day we will be able to respect each other, even if we do not all agree with one another. 

I'm so sorry about what has happened in your country recently and I should thank you for having these beautiful opinions. 

I live in Iran which is located in the heart of middle-east and I'm so familiar with these problems. Unfortunately there were an abundance of people who have close-mined in my country that had preferred not to have any relationship with other countries. But we are trying to change this idea. In my opinion I think that it doesn't matter where you live, in USA or in JAPAN, humans demonstrate that they can't accept those ideas which are not similar to them. why can't we live with someones who have the opposite of our beliefs ? We should learn that the most beautiful aspect of humanity is that everyone is created unique.

I apologize for my English.

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