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Foreign security issues Foreign unsafe
Jul 16, 2016 5:56 AM
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@Sudeep sure!
July 16, 2016

Could expound upon "Foreign unsafe."

July 16, 2016

strangers not safe even if they r not foreigners (according to middle east culture)!

At the same time,, for ppl out side the middle east would be (Arab or middle eastern ppl not safe)^^!

what really makes me upset sometimes, is that when my foreign friends look at me the same way they look at "terrorists" or bad Arab?!

from my perspective,, I think generalization method is un fair (

and there are good people everywhere

peace ~

July 16, 2016

I second what Barry wrote. How about you explain what you mean by "Foreign unsafe". Is it about the two incidents in Nice and Istanbul (which are not connected at all)  or you feel in general every country apart from China is unsafe? Terror attacks also do happen in China, like the attack at Kunming station in 2014. Or see this article about tragedies in China in 2015:

July 16, 2016

@May,you are somewhat correct,but what real demarcate between good people and bad people(irrespective of their religion,cast,creed,culture and tradition) is the behaviour,attitude towards others.For example-if someone belongs to some culture or religion which most people hate or don't like to accept or don't want to make their friend,then that doesn't mean that the lovely and kind hearted person will be lonely forever.If not today then definitely tomorrow his/her essence of love and kindness will spread in the whole world and it has happened in reality in my neighbour country.A 17year old girl called Malala Yousafzai won Nobel peace prize for her lovely distinct nature towards humanity.SO we just have to respect others sentiment and give our best to love other people and this beautiful nature:) 

July 16, 2016
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