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Hello friends


Many times I think that humans should communicate, make friendship, create a group, even work with similar people to them. It would be great when people around you are agree with you, support you. I think it is one of the way which goes to success. But maybe you think in another way, may be you like opposite people to you.

Now I would like to know : If you have a company, if you want to make business, so which kind of people whoud you like to invite to your company? It is very interesting to know your opinions. Thanks.






Jul 16, 2016 7:07 AM
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Ohh that is a good question.Well If I had a company then I would have invited the Lazy persons because they always look for a short-cut method to do their works and those methods really work to complete the objective in less time.So by taking them one can get two things--1-saving of times,2-more work in less time and more profit.:)

July 16, 2016

@Sina,You are right in your way.I appreciate it.I think, it is easy to make something out of good or fresh raw materials but the real talent lies there if someone makes something useful out of the trash.So the Lazy persons have also talent but in a dormant condition and if someone tries to channelize  their unseen talent or ideas then it will be a great action and surely they will contribute something we've not yet thought and in a very easy manner.So one chance please:):)

July 19, 2016
Yes I wanted to remind that the team members should be honest... but as u know it's hard to understand if a stranger is honest or not?!
July 19, 2016


Thank you, all your thoughts are very important.

SINA, if I had a company I would like to work with honest people who do not think only about money. It does not matter their ages, their beauty. We must work as a team.

July 19, 2016

Sudeep, I don't agree with u, because people who can find the easiest way should be clever and qualified. Presuming that the lazy people find a short-cut, the shortest job is not always the job with the highest quality.

July 18, 2016
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