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I noticed that there are greater number of Russian native speakers who want to find English native speaker partner than English native speakers who want to find Russian native speaker. As a result, it is hard for Russian native speaker to find an English native speaker language partner. 
At the same time, I notice that when a young Russian lady asks for guys willing to talk to her, she immediately gets several.  I cannot find even one. I understand these guys. I would probably too prefer to have a young lady as a language partner than an old grouchy man like me.
Someone may say: “Come on, you live in US. Why do you need a language partner on internet? You may speak with your neighbor or co-worker?”
 Well, because my family member works for native Americans, we live in desert. I work from home and within several miles I have only prairie dogs, rattle snakes and coyotes to speak with, but they don’t speak English.
No, I have one language partner. It is a huge rocky maintain that is located behind my backyard. If I shout to it loudly enough it shouts back to me. But, like me, it shouts with a heavy accent. 
Even though, I am not a young lady, I am an old grouchy man, as a language partner I still have some advantages. 
First, I am from Siberia and Siberian people speak most correct Russian language. Do you remember, that in 1825, tsar Alexander I sent to Siberia the most educated and smart people who wanted to replace the absolute monarchy with constitution.
In Moscow, people pronounce too long sound “a”. Let us take, for example, the word “молоко” (milk). in standard Russian it is pronounced as “малако” while Moscow people say “М-а-а-л-а-а-ко”.  In some regions of Russia, people pronounce it as “м о-o-л-о-o-ко” with long sound “o”. 
Do you want to learn standard pronunciation? Then I can help you. 
The second advantage is that my time zone is, probably, the same as yours.  I can talk via skype 30-60 minutes, one-two times a week, in the time window from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM New Mexico time.
And I would like to exchange writing with you. I will correct yours, you will correct mine.
Jul 16, 2016 4:22 PM
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Unfortunately, the vast majority of people won't appreciate your knowledge. These kinds of sites have been turned into dating sites by people whose purpose is not learning languages. I hope you can find someone who is willing to help you. I have noticed that many users also have prejudices about age but I really hope you can find someone who appreciates your help.
July 16, 2016
you mean English, chatting with you in English Language ??
July 16, 2016
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