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How do you feel when you talk with who can speak English a little ? I want to know if you talk to someone  who not good in English ,so they can't answer you fluently and need much time to think of. Do you feel bored or annoyed to them ? because it's not smooth conversation.
Jul 16, 2016 5:46 PM
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Be like a child. Talk!

If you don't overcome your shyness you won't learn much! Just talk! no matter what the person you talk with thinks about your English.

To encourage you even more, even a native makes mistakes. Think about yourself and your mother tongue. How do you feel about the foreigner who try awkwardly use   Thai  ? It's possible that most of English natives feel the same way.

However I've met quite a few English learners, whose level was, I dare say, not as good as mine, who kept on correcting my mistakes. You don't have to talk with them at all:)

Generally people are friendly:)

Don't be shy, talk! Actually you''re not shy cause you wrote this post:)

July 17, 2016

Honestly, since for me, I love teaching and helping other people, I am very patient with them. Sometimes they will stop the conversation, and use a translator software because they can't express their thoughts, as they don't know the word in English. However, this is where my job, as a friend, comes in. In these instances, I will suggest words that can help them express their thoughts and feelings.

If I see that they at least attempt to get to know each other and improve their English by speaking to me, I usually talk to them again. However, if I am always the one who propels the conversation, I can see that they're not trying. Thus, I rarely talk to them again.

July 16, 2016

I came to know about italki 10 t0 15 days earlier.I'm here to improve my fluency and accent in English as it is now-a-days very much required and I'm interested in learning different languages as well.As I've not got any chance to meet any native speaker  but I've some friend and they are also learning the same.So we practice together.Let's see what is happening.But I'm very positive about it and if any native-speaker want to give some advice or to help in anything then it will be great and it will be my please to learn from you.Thank you:) 

July 17, 2016

Actually,  I think it is natural. Because they are not good at English, they will concider how to express their idea.

And just like me. Sometime I'm a little shy, and I'm afraid to make mistakes. So I will think for a while.

I want to make progress, so I try to say it loudly and frequently.

So I never laugh at others who  can speak English a little, I know they are awlays working on it.

July 17, 2016

I don't have any problem with that, And I feel a little bit more confident too :) . Beside, There are a lot of people were and stil patience with me while I'm learning languages, so I should do the same and help the others .

Best regards
July 16, 2016
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