break from learning a language Just wondering if a bit of a break from language learning can  reinvigorate you?    How long  is good and how long is too much?   Maybe it is summertime laziness but I have sort of lost my motivation for learning Spanish.    Anyone experience this?
17 jul 2016 00:37
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It never did me any good to take a break. Every time I did this, what I wanted to be a short break turned out to be a long period with no contact with the language at all. Hopefully today I am past this never ending circle of leaving and starting all over again. Keeping my past experiences in mind, I just try to ignore all the frustration that goes with learning a language and remind myself that each and every piece of effort just adds to the momentum, no matter how frustrated I am.

My post is not intended to be motivational though, because I still suck at Spanish :/

17 juli 2016

Hi Jean, 

I'm really interested in seeing what other people answer to your question because frankly, for literally the first time in my life, I have NO desire to keep studying languages.  Heck, I don't even want to speak German anymore, let alone study it.. and I LIVE IN GERMANY so it's really important that I improve my German as I use it A LOT everyday.  And to be honest, I feel the same way about Italian and Spanish, even though those languages are much easier for me.  

I've gone from having 2-3 lessons a week to having almost no lessons since April.  I thought a break would help, but here it is nearly August and I still feel completely blah about having more lessons.  I have wonderful teachers for each language and I miss talking to them regularly.  Our lessons were always fun and interesting, so that wasn't the problem. I've made so little progress with German especially that I honestly feel just like trying to maintain the fluency I have and accepting that I'm always going to stink at this language.  Sigh. 

I hope someone here will answer and tell us that they came through a similar block and continued on to make great progress in their language.  I need some motivation!  

17 juli 2016

Hi everyone. To take my personal experience, when I fill lost of motivation I begin just to listen my favorite music. And what about break maybe it has some sense but try in this time find beautiful songs and translate them this way you will not be distance of language but your study will not be so pressure .

 Good luck to everyone !!!!!!!

21 juli 2016
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