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Help with a trailer

Here I am with a new video) Hope somebody will help me

So can you spell me the whole radion conversation from 1.18- 1.53
also 2.09- 2.13

2.17- 2.20

3.35 - 3.37
3.40- 3.43

Jul 17, 2016 12:08 PM
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I am not a native speaker, but here is what I hear:

1.18 - 1.53

- CQ? CQ, this is WQ2Y.

- Hello?

- Hello? Hey! Where are you from?

- Queens, New York.

- Get out, Bayside, born and bred right here!

- Maddux(a baseball player) was ridiculous tonight.

- Maddux as in Atlanta Braves Greg Maddux?

- As in game two, world series Come on, "Queens", (you are) breakin' my heart here.

- No, no I get it. 1996...

- There you go!

- Game 3, Bernie Williams Jackson two run shot in the bottom of the eight.

- Let's do it, I am good for twenty on that.

- It's not a prediction.

- Right, because you are Nostradamus from Queens. :D

- It happened 20 years ago!

- You are weirdin' me out here, "Queens"... 

2.09 - 2.13 - It burnt the box. What? Tell me you did not just burn the box!

2.17 - 2.20 - Emmy's(has) got a match from one of those remains from a nurse who went missing in '96.

3.35 - 3.37 - We've id'd (we have identified) the remains from the marsh.

3.40 - 3.43 - Forensics came back an hour ago

Edit. Ninja'd

July 17, 2016

1:18-1:53  CQ, CQ, this is WQ 2Y, Hello? Hello? Hey, where you from? Queens New york, get out - Bayside born and bred right here, maddox was ridiculolus tonight, greg maddox... as in atlanta braves greg maddox? as in game 2 world series c'mon queens breakin my heart here. no no i get it 1996, there you go, game 3 bernie williams jackson two run shot in the bottom of the eighth,  let's do it  i'm good for 20 on that, it's not a prediction, right because you're Nostradamus from Queens, it happened 20 years ago, you're weirdin' me out here Queens. 
(Bernie Williams & Reggie Jackson - 2 different players but she omits Jackson's first name)
(Also, in case you don't know, "get out" in this case means "no way" or "I can't believe it" or "you're joking" )  

2:09-2:13  I burnt the box, what? tell me you did not just burn the box

2:17-2:20  Amy's got a match on those remains from a nurse who went missing back in '96

3:35-3:37  We've I.D.'d the remains from the marsh

3:40-3:43  We spoke this afternoon, forensics came back an hour ago I'm sorry Raymee

July 17, 2016
Thank you guys so much)
And what Bernie Williams Jackson did? Baseball isn't my game at all)
July 17, 2016
Hmm. Write something here to be corrected
July 17, 2016
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