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What do you think of

What do you think of the energy resources after few decades? and  how can we overcome the lack of petroleum resources?


I mean : are there strong alternatives to satisfy our needs of the energy?


We need your opinions and your comments  be shared .


Thank you to all of you my friends :D

Jul 17, 2016 1:44 PM
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Well, now the whole world knows that coal,petroleum resources are limited and can not fulfill the needs of our future generations as the population is rising in GP.So most of the nations are aware of this situation and looking  towards the renewable sources like solar,wind etc.In my country(India), the government is trying to use as much as it can by taking the help of latest technology and harnessing as much as it can.So it is not only happening in my country but also in almost all countries, they are going forward this easily available,pollution free methods of generating power.Yes, there will be problem occur first when this non-renewable sources  over but I think we will manage the need in future.So we should be optimistic and should move ahead with a positive vision to accomplish our goal.

July 17, 2016

Hi my friends;


thank you for all your comments . All these comments should be given to my friend Masry. The genius member in italki site. 


this discussion is the ispiration of my friend and teaccher Masry:


Check this discussion. Thank you Masry


July 19, 2016

yup , renewable energy is key ...

like solar energy and wind ....

July 17, 2016

@ Sudeep:  we should be optimistic; I like your sayinig . Thank you , thank you , thank you very much :D


@ goldsoydaunanh: Of course yes. Your opinion is right :D

July 17, 2016
i think we need to find a alternative resources which dont pollute the enviroment. But it seems difficult so we should reduce the energy
July 17, 2016
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