how to choice a teacher??

Hello there!! I registered a few days ago because i want to improve my english.But it’s bit hard to choice the teacher…I love american english ;as i live in europe i need a teacher how can work in european local time and english should his native language..


Jul 17, 2016 2:03 PM
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I do consider "time frame " would be a sticking point that will dictate if you can find an eligible teacher at your time zone. American or British accents are not really a serious problem so far as my experience tells me if you are really good at English in 4 skills, but be cautious not to focus too much on local slangs which may cost you a plenty of time and in a way some of them are useless. 


A good teacher that suits you is hardly to seek.

July 18, 2016

Hey there, Alix!
Stick to your plan to have an American English teacher, because AmE and Brit.E. have the huge differences in sounds and intonation. Vocabulary and spelling might be different but it's not the crucial point. Once you've learned them (say, got aware of them) it will not be a problem to understand or speak to any English speaker. And most of the world speaks American English, as far as I hear. 

To get a teacher with an American accent in Europe is a piece of cake, lots of them around. Just look around this site, some teachers mention which accent they teach and speak. Good luck!)

July 17, 2016


A teacher from UK would be better because of:

- differences in accents when comparing UK and the USA versions of English

- differences in time zones - as you have mentioned

- little nuances regarding some specific UK/the USA words (respectively: colour vs. color, analyse vs. analyze... etc.)

- crucial differences in translations of many words ( )

- American use much more idioms and as far as I know are a bit less strict in reference to typical British language rules

Best regards.

July 17, 2016
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