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Pedro Simões
Things I don't like about the new version

1 The new version considers your 'teachers' just teachers you sent a message to. It doesn't make sense and only confuses us

2 On classic Italki it's you can see exactly how many lessons you had. In the new version you can't. On classic Italki you can read exactly and the student and the teacher wrote about the lesson. In the new version it's different: on the student page you can read what the teacher said and on the teacher page you can read what the student said. Why? If the teacher didn't say anything, you don't have the lesson on your page. If you don't say anything the teacher doesn't have the lesson on his page. You can't see the class time in the new version either. 

3 It's much harder to schedule a lesson. On classic Italki you can see the time available. for example: 15:00 -- 16:00. But in the new version they give a complicated table that I can't explain very well but you can't see the time as easy as you could.

4 On classic Italki you can hide your friends and age. In the new version you can't. Personally I don't care if people I'm 15 years old, but some people do.

5 You can't see your short user introduction. How so?

6 You can't search people

7 On classic Italki there is something called 'meet new friends:' you can meet native speakers of your target language who just registered on the site. In the new version you don't have it


Can anyone give another reason?


I know many people already made many discussions about it, but I just wanted to say my opinion without being annoying. Please don't be rude with me 

Jul 18, 2016 3:51 AM
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