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Get Scared I allways get scared to talk when I find someone better than me in speaking english
18 lug 2016 08:12
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Don' be.Always think like you are not discussing or arguing with that person who is better in speaking.Always try to express what you want to say and told him/her to correct where you lack in expressing things.Try not to think what others will think if I went wrong but always think if I went wrong then there will be people who will help me to correct myself.So  be confident and go ahead:)

18 luglio 2016
Don't be scared, if this person has a better understanding of english, there are greater chances he will understand your clumsy english because he will be able to guess what you wanted to say out of a few words and context. This person will also be able to reformulate an idea with different words until you can grasp the meaning, instead of repeating endlessly the same stuff you do not understand. So you should see this as an opportunity to dialog. And I'll say this is even more true with people learning languages, because they can relate, and if they can detect your mistakes, maybe they will teach you their secret on how they succeeded in overcoming them.
18 luglio 2016
For now on I will try to be more hardy... Thanks friends
18 luglio 2016
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