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Will you change your job due to the bad work atmosphere? Beside me there are in total 5 people in our sales department,except me who have  worked here for 2 years others have worked here more than 10 years and they known each other very well due to they are natives and only me come from another province .so they  treat me as a newcomer.what i feeling is that they just treat me as a person just to to trifles,never let me contact our big customers.Actually i don't like the atmophere very much.If you are in my position,will you change your job?
Jul 19, 2016 2:29 AM
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Pity! Were I you, I should consider a couple of things. If you decide to leave the job, do you have many opportunities to find another one? Is it like this anywhere?. Maybe you should try talking to your boss and tell him/her the situation. Sometimes, (talking about myself, and my experience), I exaggerate a little bit and kind of distort the reality. So maybe, why dont you continue working, and, so as to avoid future stress and pain, try to find new jobs in other places via the internet and stuff. I think that's best....
July 19, 2016

It happens, especially when there is competition among colleagues. On one hand, there can be unpleasant people everywhere; we have to be brave, fight for what we deserve. From the other hand, if the situation is really bad, we should consider about it. There is always a balance after we take all factors into account.

I had similar experience 3 month ago, when I was in probation in a small office. It was just before Canton Fair, the girl who was training me, showed a strong tendency of being impatient and she ignored me. I stayed there for 3 days only, then I left as I got a better offer .


I am not sure how long you have stayed in that office. It doesn’t sound nice when there are bitchy colleagues. But never make rush decisions. Maybe they will change the attitude as time goes. Put a bit effort from your side, you will see.

Good luck.

July 19, 2016

Yiger, it happens that in smaller companies realtions between co-workers (and also between them and their job:) By 'job', i mean things to be done) are less formal...
And in younger companies there might be more opportunities for the career.

Quit, of cuorse...

July 19, 2016

Thanks for the comments from the above dear all.

The present situation is very hard to change. I am searching a new job  on the internet   while  woking in this company,as long as receive a new offer i will leave at once.

Atmoshpere is really very important so that you can work with a  good emotion which mean you can  more productive and efficently. 



July 19, 2016

If you can't over come it, after tried and tried, do consider to change a new job after all the efforts has done.

I had a bad working experience in last job .The atmosphere and people are ........beyond my expressions.

It is a private owned company which means BOSS is the ONLY king there.

He trusted no one and let all his relatives be in charge of important positions no matter he/she can handle it or not.

Bragging and lying all day is the way to do business. so does his followers.

I spent 3 years there to fight for what is true what should be done.,

Nothing changed  a little bit.

You can try to do something to fight for your own.Go talk to the boss and pay more attention to your colleagues.

If it doesn't work, think twice before quit. Don't make any rush decisions.

Wish you good luck.

July 19, 2016
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