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Talk about your job)

Hi everyone! I want to ask you about your job. My questions:

- What's your job?

- What do you do exactly?

- What are you  working on at the moment?

- And do you like your job? 

19 de jul de 2016 4:00
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- What's your job?
My official title is Paraprofessional. Also known as a Special Education EA (Educational Assistant)

- What do you do exactly?
I work in a middle school, with students who struggle with math.
I also do many other things outside my job description like:
Student Council and Yearbook adviser
Teach Spanish in our after school and summer school program
Supervise recess, lunch and reading hour
Translate for Spanish speaking parents during meetings or on the phone
Cover the front office or for teachers when needed

- What are you working on at the moment?
These questions and taking a break from answering pen-pal letters.

- And do you like your job?

19 de Julio de 2016

Hello~ I would like to answer your questions.

1. My job is a legal counsel.

2. I deal with many contracts everyday and help our company's sellers negotiate with clients. 

3. I have a two-weeks vacation and I decide to spend some time improving my English.

4. I like my job although it's trivial and I am usually under a lot of stress. However, it makes me strong and becomes to handle  pressure well.

19 de Julio de 2016

Hi Feri. Thanks for the questions.

- I am an sales representative in electric beauty care manufacture. 

- The priority of my jobs is promoting new items to all clients all over the world.Especially for make-up brand owners or super market chain.I need to make phone calls, write emails, pick up and meet clients when they come to visit us or in any beauty fairs.

- Recently there is a new item coming, so I spent most of time calling or emailing to let all old and new clients to know there is onething new and can help them to win the market in the coming seasons.

-  Yes, I love my job. It offers everything I want. 

19 de Julio de 2016
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