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Cooking! What can be used as ingredients in a omelet? Sometimes your soul wish to be expressed in cooking. For me the most appropriate way coming to my head is cooking omelet or fried eggs. A lot of components could be added. As a rule it could be ham, herbs, mushrooms and almost whatever.  And I wounder if there is some cultural differences in cooking omelet. What is your favourite ingredient or method of cooking?
Jul 19, 2016 12:23 PM
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I usually add tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and a bit parsley on top.

But I'm a vegetarian, that's why I don't add ham. 

A lot of my friends do it that way - seems to be quite normal in Germany.

July 19, 2016
Omelets are diffinitly the best ! In my country, there is that omelet to which we add in some flour and yeast. It inflates when cooked and then we get that spoungious texture. the result tests good but, diffinitly, my favorit omelet is the one made with some garlic and alot of cheese !!!!! yummm
July 19, 2016

Dear Sergey,

Let your imagination cooking for you (Not sure to be understood...). Anyway. For example, at lunch today I cooked cold omelet with tomato, pasta, pepper, mushrooms and cubes cut from ham. It is delicious.

Have a nice day

July 19, 2016

You can be very creative with an omelet. In the United States, it's common to put cheese in an omelet. A very popular kind of omelet is called a "Western omelet" and contains ham, green pepper, onions. To me a "Western omelet" also contains cheese but there are apparently differences of opinion on this, and I find online that a "true" Western omelet is not supposed to contain cheese.

July 19, 2016

Thank you guys for your replies! I think that it is a great idea about involving of tomatoes. But for some reason I can't eat tomatoes within an omelet. It sounds rediculous, but by body accepts tomatoes when they are fresh or when they are in pasta or souce but somehow it totally refuses it in omelet. ))) I wonder about it and can't do anything with it and just feel uncomfortable.

Have you experienced such weird problems?

July 19, 2016
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