Farsi idioms!

Hi, every body!

Every one who learns a new language always has problem with idioms. So do I, As I'm learning English. Here is some common idioms in Farsi for Farsi learners.These idioms were useful to me for my English. So, let's get started:


He is as well known as the village pump:  مثل گاو پیشونی سفید

He is charming:مهره مار داره

He's out for trouble: دنبال در درسر میگرده/ تنش میخاره

 Come what may: هر چه بادا باد

Long time no see: پارسال دوست امسال آشنا/خیلی وقته ندیدمت


I had a terrible time of it: پدرم درومد

The apple of one's eye: نور چشمی یا عزیز دردانه


This is as easy as abc: مثل آب خوردن

A rough estimate: حساب سرانگشتی

We seek water in the sea: آب در کوزه و ما تشنه لبان می گردیم


Don't ask for the moon: آرزوی محال نکن

We are now even: حالا بی حساب شدیم


You are dreaming:دلت خوشه ها

Dream on: به همین خیال باش

 You are going too fun: دیگه شورشو درآوردیا


the situation is way out of control: کار ازین حرفا گذشته


to flatter: پاچه خواری


Take it or leave it: میخ خوای بخواه! نمیخوای نخواه


I am not a mind reader : علم غیب که ندارم

He has a hand in high places :طرف خرش خیلی میره 

Fancy meeting you here: شما کجا! اینجا کجا



I'm asking everybody who knows Persian(Farsi) add more idioms.

Thank you so much!








Jul 19, 2016 12:55 PM
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It's quite great... Thank you for that, was useful for me either :)

to add some more:

mind your step  جلوی پاتو نگاه کن

He is wet behind the ears  دهنش بوی شیر میده

He makes faces دهن کجی میکنه

Don’t pick on me  سر به سر من نذار

July 23, 2016
ممنونم  :) 
July 20, 2016

Thanks for your comment, Faiz! And Yes  it will be continued.

Khahesh mikonam!

July 19, 2016
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