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please correct me

Personally I found that chinese traditions are very interesting.I googled Qingming and I found that is an occasion of unique characterestics and diverse activities such as;tomb sweeping/taking a spring outing / flying kites and so on...Qingming Festival is a combination of sorrow and happiness!

The moroccain religious is Islam,and I am proud of being one.We have special days such as the feast of Al Edha which is a day of whorshiping God.On this special day we sloughter cheep after praying in the mosque as a kind of immolation.Not only whorship but also an occasion in which familly members gathers.The feast of El Fetr is a day in which we do a lot of activities including worship and giving charity to the poor.Moreover we have a greateste month which is called Ramadan.The month mentioned is a month of fasting.

In a nutshell; Moroccaine tradutions are beautifull /

please correct me                                                 

Jul 19, 2016 2:20 PM
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