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English partner to improve my English skills.

Hi! I would like to find a partner to practice and improve my spoken english, I can read, write and listen but when it comes to talk is like I dind't know anything. I understand most of what the other person is saying but the words just won't come out and its a little frustrating. I would like to learn a new language but I think that first need to finish what I've started with English. Also if you want to practice Spanish I'll be glad to help you.


20 jul 2016 04:42
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add me at minh14061995 if you want to practice
21 juli 2016

I think we should create a Skype group so we can practice our conversation skills and build confidence

Are you in? :D

21 juli 2016

Speaking is easier than listening for me. My worst grades always are in listening tests. I don't know what happens to me, haha! It seems that everybody speaks too fast, but if I get fluency, certainly my listening abilities can improve.

20 juli 2016
Take me a slot friend. :)
20 juli 2016
Hey I think we could be partners XD
20 juli 2016
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