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Chatting can improve my English level I want to know whether can improve English level by chatting with others? Sometime I think it's waste much time on chatting with others, but my english level is still bad. How do  you think about this topic?
20 juil. 2016 06:29
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I think its not waste time, because when u chatting u write words, use new words thereby memorizing them. If u can to write its mean that u can to say it. Its a good grammatical practice.
20 juillet 2016
Talking to people out a loud in the language that you are learning is very helpful in my opinion. That way you can fix pronunciation and improve your confidence with the language. This has helped me learn and improve in languages that I have learnt. If you would like me to help improve your English I would be happy to. Have a look at my teaching profile and let me know. Thanks. 
22 juillet 2016

I thing it is really helpful way to convert  your passive vocabulary into active one. I just thought about that for few day, and as result fount this community discussion place. Great idea. I tried using some American forums website but was banned after only four comments. Really, do not know what the reason was. Official indiction is spam.

So, in conclusion, it is a very efficient way to improve and extend your active vocabulary.

22 juillet 2016

Well, I would rather say any activity does take effect on your English but the sticking point is "how effective it is". It is about effectiveness of practice and how quick would you like to make a progress in English. You may as well learn vocabulary from day to day and it can also improve your English but do you think that is an effective method to improve English speaking and listening?


Yes, certainly, that is a matter of effectiveness or efficiency which means how much you wish to make progress in a period of time. In this case, I would say, chat is not so efficient as you expect especially you wish to improve English quickly. In my view, as I expect, I consider most of the casual chatting is wasting my time in gaining ground in English progress, unless that is an organized chat to learn English .

22 juillet 2016

This is the best way to learn and be comfortable with a  foreign language. Why?

Because if you know that to continue chatting you must speak english, you would be forced to put extra effort in. I will strongly suggest that you continue to chat. There is no other way to encounter new words either!


20 juillet 2016
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