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Jackson Bagatoli
Professional Teacher
I'll teach you Portuguese (or English) if you teach me French - 30min each



I've been quite unhappy with only bilingualism, I wanna move forward.

If you speak French fluently and would like to learn Portuguese from a professional iTalki teacher, then you might wanna contact me.

I'm looking for:

1. Informal skype sessions, at least twice a week;

2. You learn Portuguese for 30min, then you teach me French for another 30min = 1h commitment;

3. This is not a planned lesson, we'll learn as we talk and do our own research so you have to be into Brazilian portuguese;

4. I want to become fluent as fast as possible, you might want that too. Let's help one another.

5. I will have my own notebook to keep track of vocabulary, you might wanna have that too;

I'm so excited to make this happen, I hope you'll want this as well.

You don't need to be an experienced French teacher... just speak French very well.

Jul 20, 2016 7:32 PM
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Hello Guy

I am from Sénégal , african country. We speak officially french .

I desire improve my english level and I see you want learn french from someone who can teach you. I can.

Give the days where you have time and we will arrange our courses 

August 6, 2018


Id love to do a language swap with you! 

I am bilingual in French and English. Just moved to Portugal so trying to learn as much as possible . I know that there are differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese but I love Brazilian culture  

let me know ☺️


December 14, 2016
Hello ! I really would like to improve my English because I need it for my job. I'm an actor ( notyet known ) and It's really important to speak English. Could you help me ? I can teach French if you want !
July 22, 2016
Jackson Bagatoli
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