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the study of human origins in your culture I know the main theory about human origins in our planet which is considered only proper in our modern world. I mean that all people have a one ancestor who lived in Africa many years ago and after some time our ancestor gradually relocated to worldwide. But this theory have a many white spots. I would like to know how people are thinking about their origins in another side of the world. Special interesting for me is a opinion of non-European people, I mean Asia country predominantly. But I would like to hear any kind of opinion if they differ from conventional.
Jul 20, 2016 8:08 PM
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In my point of view, to know our creator, we have to learn about ourselves. Those are something in this world, we can not explain it well. It is like air which cannot touch and even see  but we fell it. 

Anyway, just believe what you want to believe. 


July 28, 2016
Rather than accepting any of the existing theories, I prefer to accept that we just don't know the answer. Not for the time being in any case.
July 25, 2016

Up to date, there is no any compelling evidence to let me consider which theory is absolutely right and I am inclined not to pay too much attention to these assuptioms which have not been approved by scientific moethds. By the way, an intriguing thory claimed that we all are aliens' descendants far from Galaxy but without sake our ancestors have lost their shuttles to travel back their original planets.

July 24, 2016
Thank you for your replies.
I think in our world in science were a many big theories which were lobbied or biased because academically science is a very political. In start 20th century the theory of Albert Einstein won another theory which called "Ether Theory" but this theoty had a many supporter like a Nichol Tesla, Dmitri Mendeleev and another. You can say that theory of special relativity have a many scientific evidence and acknowledgment but there are also many white spots. The gravity is not quantized and gravitational interaction remains a big problem from academically physics. Also in the internet you can find many information about the confusion in classical evolution theory. For me the more likely that we came from another planet than descended from the monkey.
July 21, 2016

Well,it's an interesting question.As far I know,there is no concrete evidence of location where human first appeared.But yes,as per our discovery till now, Africa is considered as the cradle of first human appearance.As first there was only one land mass called Pangea surrounded by a sea called Panthalassa.And later according to continental drift theory,landmass got divided into many parts.So it may be possible that prior to this phenomenon, the human would have spread all over the land mass( It is just my thought):)

Now in my country(India),some consider that we belong to Aryan race and some to Dravidian race.As there was a civilization called Sindhu-Valley civilization was present here and there is much evidence found by the archaeologists.And some say the  uprooting of that civilization was due to the attack of Aryan( they are considered as the nomadic tribe from central Asia entered into India through Hindukush mountain  )and some say that the cause is due to flood in Sindhu river.A person called Max Muller, a philologist and orientalist best explained the origin of Aryan race(You may take a look at his theory)and many more.There are many myth or theory(you can say) about how civilization in India was came into existance but we all know that those are not the concrete proofs.So for this time being we simply have to believe on those theories.But I think we landed from some another planet as God wanted us to fell his lovely and beautiful creation:):)Please correct me if I'm wrong.Thank you:) 

July 21, 2016
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