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What made you want to learn more languages ?


Their is a lot of reasons to learn another language (other than English for its globalization). I believe that learning new languages makes us think differently and hopefully for the better. It can only makes us grow as people and help us understand that we are all the same but with different flavors.

I choose to learn Spanish for many reasons. One of them is the culture its really rich and unique, it has live the moment mentality that we lack in many contrary in the east. Which I admirer and love, It shows that they love to live. I also love how integral the big family in their life , as a Saudi man I respect and understand that. I love how the language sounds , to me its like an instrumental musical that I cant get enough of. I'm really excited to learn it and I hope I will.

Those were my reasons for wanting to learn a new language. Please share with us yours :) 

Jul 22, 2016 1:00 AM
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