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Jeremy Collins
Picking up where you left off. I have studied Spanish for several years (in college) and I even immersed myself for two weeks in Ecuador. This was a few years ago, and I was fairly good at communicating in the language. Now, however, I feel as if I have lost almost everything that I learned. How should I pickup where I left off? Do you have any recommendations?
22 lip 2016 02:18
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Hi Jeremy,

If I were you, I would try to reconnect with the Spanish speaking community in my immediate area.  Hopefully, there is a community where you can immerse yourself once again and learn the language through immersion.  I find that watching movies in the language you want to learn also helps to refresh your memory - you would be surprise at how much of your Spanish will come back to you.  Good luck with your learning. 

Lo mas importante es la perseverancia.  No te olvides de esto.  Un saludo desde el Canada.


25 lipca 2016
Jeremy Collins
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