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Lets help A hungry person Helping is easy. who said you need money to help. not at all. we just need intention to help some one. Just think about your monthly cost for food. Just think how much you spend in various restaurants every month. How much you spend in beer wine and other drinks. But there are a lot of people around you dying for food. They don't want to eat Italian food or western food. they just want to get little rice, or a piece of bread. So lets cut down some money from our monthly food budget and buy food for these needy with this money. today if i don't go to mcdonalds  i will not die, i can eat in cheap place too. but with the rest of the money i can help a hungry person with food. can't we do that? we call ourselves as human, but where is our humanity? we are most selfish. God didn't send us only to enjoy our own life, we have responsibility to others. there are lots of child suffering in hunger, and we are seating in  seasonal restaurant ,ordering various dishes. its not fair. We need to feel their pain. Then this life will be beautiful. so guys lets do it from today. lets save money every day from our food, and help a person to eat. After getting the food when they will smile, you will find a amazing peace inside in your heart.  
Jul 22, 2016 6:05 AM
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