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Different Russia

For people interested in Russian language and culture, I highly recommend subscribing to the "Different Russia" vlog. The author discusses and films scenes of everyday Russian life in a small city just outside of Moscow. Good binge watching.

Jul 22, 2016 9:19 PM
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I have seen two videos. There is not much of Russian language there. She speaks English. It was boring for me (as a Russian) which can be a good sign:) I mean, nothing new for me... she demonstrates quite typical things. May be more details would make it more interesting: I mean explanations and details of each scene. But it's good that the pace is slow enough to give enough time to familiarize with the look.

I wouldn't say that the name 'different Russia' fits well...  Россия как Россия... (this construction can be literally translated as "a Russia like a Russia", means: nothing strange or unusual here, a normal cat, a normal cup... whatever you say it about).
But if for the viewers abroad it indeed looks like there's something different about this Russia, I would be happy to know this!

I would say, this vlog looks much like what I would love to see about other countries.

What would be true for any conutry: this is not something representative of the whole country. The videos are only representative of the place where they were filmed in. Move 500 km away and you will find different buildinds, people speaking and even moving differently etc. The town where it is filmed is a suburb of Moscow (as she said, 20 km from Moscow), once it was centred around a factory and was a workers' suburb.

She plans to film in Valaam this summer, which is an interesting pace to visit. (Impressive nature, popular among the painters. A monastery, one of the most famous).

July 25, 2016

I saw no interaction with people, diaogues etc. She went to the post office to get her new cam from Cnina... But her communication with the post office worker is absent. Actualy it is understandable:

- either you warn them, and the dialogues are not truly authentic.
- or you first film it, and then ask for a permission to use the footage.

But from what I see on iTalki forum, people get furious over the mere fact of being filmed!
It doens' matter that you won't use the footage without permission, so the footage is nothing more than your own memories better preserved, as your memories, for personal usage. May be it doens't even matter if you ready t delete it:/ They are already furious, because you CAN put it somewhere.

- or you don't ask for a permission. Then it mght be not totally ethical.


I have no Idea if these series are bad or good examples of the genre, but I'm entirely sympathetic to the genre as such. SP i hope the girl will learn to do it better, and even more better (she just started) and other people will follow her example.



July 25, 2016
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