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How do you study Chinese?
23 Tem 2016 04:27
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Very slowly. People think it's amazing for children to learn language. In my experience humans are not able to use language intelligently until at least their early teens. So it takes 13 years for a human to learn to speak intelligently while immersed in that language daily. So even though I try and learn it and accept I am a slow learner if I stick with it for 13 years maybe I'll be able to have a satisfactory and intelligent conversation in my newly acquired language.
24 Temmuz 2016

1.listen to chinese songs.

2.try to express what are you doing or thinking in chinese.

3. find a language partner who is a native chinese speaker to practice with.

4.if you haven't learnt pinyin,learn it first.

23 Temmuz 2016

To Robert:

I think that some people just study Chinese for fun and getting more knowlegde. But some others study foreign languages to master a skill. Different purposes make it quite different in ways to study a language.

For myself I study English in order to get more information.

24 Temmuz 2016
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