I received a letter on italki today.

An african man told me that i should give some money to him in the letter, because he is the heir of the throne of his country, and the king of that country now is finding him and plan to kill him. So he need money to run out of his country, it is very important.

Wow, if the recipient are you ,will you help him?

And i want to say that "hey, friend! Can't you make up a better reason? haha.

Jul 23, 2016 5:34 AM
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the man  is fraud

here is an example of a classical swindle

July 23, 2016

@Phil Interesting observation, I'd never thought about why the scams were so incredibly dumb...I guess that makes me dumb!

One of my favourite blogs, Wait But Why, includes a post about a trip to Nigeria. The writer actually met some of these infamous email scammers...of course the post is a about Nigeria as a whole, a country which, like any country, has problems (eg. internet scammers) but good things as well (eg. incredibly kind and gracious people).


July 23, 2016

Is he still alive, Ysabel? You definitely have to check every day, when he made his last login on Italki.


July 23, 2016
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