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Ibn khalid
whatsapp group for learning arabic

my last post people are interested. we need atleast 10 students to make a group which should be beneficial. if interested you can share number privately also

Can we make whatsapp group for arabic learning. If you like the idea we can start if some people are ready. So we can practice and chat thier in arabic. If some native willing to help thier. They are also welcome

23 يوليو 2016 07:16
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You want to learn arabic 

But i want to learn english :D 

30 نوفمبر 2016
I want to join with you 

I am from France if someone wants To learn french 
25 مارس 2019
3 مارس 2020
Kindly add me too. I am looking for students who want to learn Arabic via WhatsApp. 
25 مارس 2019
Hey!! Can you add me please!!?? +1 401 835 5970
8 مايو 2017
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