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Hi ! It's me again haha...

Italki is a great way to express yourself so I'm writing here once again because I would like to know your opinion guys. 

I often get some friend requests here on Italki. I always decline them when it's like "Hi ! I want to be partner language". To me it's just useless to accept them... but when the person write a nice and complete message I tend to accept them, if the user seem to be someone serious. I almost never send friend request so I would like to know if it's important for you to have a lot of "friends" here on Italki...

I lften see people posting entries like "I need a language partner" or "I need a friend" and when I click on their profile they already have like 100,200 friends... it happened with a Russian girl some days ago who was looking for a French partner... but she already has like 120 people on her friend lists.I just wanted to tell her "you already have 120 friends, why are you looking for others...". 

So yeah, please share your experience ! 

Have a nice weekend :) 

Jul 23, 2016 1:35 PM
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1 I think it's very impolite to ignore a language partner request. It's like you are saying: 'I hate you, I don't care about you, go away'

2 Just because someone may have 120 'friends' it doesn't mean he talks to them regularly. Some people stop using Italki and talking to you. If you are familiar with friendships on the Internet you know that 95% of them don't last more than a few months.

3 When the guy said 'I want to be language partners on Italki', maybe he just didn't know what to say and just wrote the automatic message

4 Would you refuse a friend in real life? Would you not be his friend just because he already has other friends? This is ridiculous

August 15, 2016
i think making new friends is very important to help you improve your language and know more about their culture ,daily life and so when somebody says i can be your partner means that he is able to help you and of course he expects that you will help him  but for me hi and this stuff is very annoying messages  
August 15, 2016

This is my personal experience.  I try to filter the potential friends by exchanging messages and see if there is a chemistry if there is a connection, understanding.  When there is language learning involved it is critical that people can effectively communicate at some level.  It is not just you speak English and I want to learn English, just saying that is not enough.  It is not enough because I am not a teacher I am just a language partner and that makes a huge difference.  I can help but I am not trained to teach.  (For example from ground 0).  

In my opinion there is no point to have 100 friends that you hardly get to talk to.  If there is a connection with someone there will be more messages exchanged and eventually you will Skype and either language exchange, help others or just receive help from others.  

Of course you can always accept everyone and see how it goes.  However I do not do that because I feel responsible for everyone I accept as a friend (I am supposed to help them after all even if that is for a short period of time or just a little bit)  So that means that practically I can not have a lot of friends.  But that is my approach and what I feel is best for me.

August 15, 2016

Well, in my view,before choosing someone as a friend or as a language partner,we should visit his profile and read his self-introduction and I think it will reflect how serious he/she is in learning a language or sharing his/her language with others.Or we can message him/her to know about his/her reason to learn the language and obviously about the interest he/she possess.So I think at first look we should not ignore someone, we should make a brief conversation then decide what to do.Please correct me if I'm wrong.Thank you:)

July 23, 2016
So let's be friends?
August 15, 2016
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