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Hwo seeks for the AMERICAN DREAM ?

In my country, almost every one hope to run the risk of the American Dream!

I've though a lot about this matter. And i've realised the existance of numerous contradictions.

Why do the majority of youth in today's word seek to hit the road to USA ? That's beacause it's that tough to succeed in their native countries ? Or, usa really does provide with success ingridients that are running out in other counties ?

i honestly havent grasped this phenomenon yet!

Jul 23, 2016 2:58 PM
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American dream made in 80s and 90s. But not now. Because now economic system very bad in world.
July 23, 2016
Hello! I am an American citizen and live in the USA. I think that in my country, the "American dream" is possible, but only for certain people. People that have the means to get a good education (through scholarship, ability to pay tuition out of pocket, ect.) and those that are willing to work hard for their dreams often have the ability to become successful. Although my country is experiencing a lot of turmoil and violence right now, I still believe that America has a lot of opportunities that many countries do not have. 
July 23, 2016

I agree with Phil:


American dream nowadays has become a state of mind which means you can build up your "American dream" at some other countries despite it appears unlikely to do so in certain countries in deep distress and ravaged by civil wars. As the world becomes flatter with less boundaries to restrain, people in their countries should be easier to contact much more abundant information from internet and there are  more possibility for them to contact foreigners which are hardly expected 30 years ago.


Anyway, dream is worhty to pursue by ACTION

July 25, 2016

It is better to see what USA is being at present before you are fulfilling an American dream. I suppose America is not so good as it was but surely anyone has the freedom of dreaming. Aside from that,  dreaming is none other than a dream and you have to discover avenue to fulfill it.


In addition, you can take time to investigate if Australia is an alternative to pursue your dream supposing you consider move to another country to have better life quality.


July 23, 2016
The “American Dream” is not about a place — it is a state of mind. Sure, if you go somewhere with lots of people who share this mindset, it’s an advantage, but you can also find like-minded people online, for example. 

This is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that just changing one’s location will not magically make one’s dreams come true. The good news is that we can all realize our dreams without even changing our physical location at all. Of course, that would require changing our minds, and some people won't want to hear that....

Btw, Soufiane, if you speak English and French, Canada may be a nice location to consider. Myself though, I’d choose somewhere warmer :)
July 23, 2016
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