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Looking For an English Urgently, my IELTS exam is after a month and i want someone to speak with me in English. I can't imagine that the first time i will speak in English to be in the test !
Jul 24, 2016 7:19 AM
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Good afternoon, Ahmed. I'm a native speaker and teacher from Ireland with experience in prepping students for IELTS, and I'd be interested in helping you with your speaking skills. Should I send you a PM and we can chat about what you need help with?

My best regards,


July 24, 2016


I am available. I can also help you with giving you some tips as to how you can handle your exam in Arabic :)

July 24, 2016
Hi Ahmed, I'm also learning English and interested to exchange conversations in English, if you are interested Add me as friend.
July 24, 2016

Hello, Ahmed

I am interested in talking to you. I am not perfect, and I am working on improving the conversational skills. Please, feel free to surf my profile, then message me if you are interested.


July 24, 2016
Hi there. I would be happy to help improve your English. Have a look at my teaching profile and let me know if your interested. Thanks. 
July 24, 2016
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