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food all around the world

what is the most popular food in your country?

Here in Tunisia it s couscous: it s a spicy dish made by steaming couscous with a lot of vegetables and meat

Jul 24, 2016 12:39 PM
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@sara i saw some pics! can t wait to try them :DD
August 23, 2016

Here in Spain  i think the most typical dish is the paella or the omelette (made with eggs and potatoes), its really tasty:)

In the south of Spain in summer people usually drink gazpacho which is made with tomatoes, olive oil, onions and bread. In my opinion the food in Spain is very tasteful :)

August 23, 2016
thank you all for your comments :DD i feel hungry already hahah i googled the food and it looks tasty! i hope i can get some recipes :p :p
August 23, 2016
Here in Venezuela is "La arepa" o "Pabellon" The pabellon is, rice, beans, meat and plantains. 
August 23, 2016
In Mexico we have a lot popular foods. Tacos, Enchiladas, Guacamole, Pozole, Quesadillas, Nachos. All are spicy and made with chilli and corn 
August 23, 2016
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