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Could you help me understand this confusing dialogue?
The dialogue goes like this. It's an expert from a game.

Betty: I was asking because one of my exes' cousins has been hitting on me the past couple of days.
Betty: If it were somebody else, I'd pretend to be straight with the help of this piece o' scrap(Deal)here. 
Betty: Sadly, she knows who I am.
Betty: Worst part is, knowing Vero, she probably put her cousin up to it as a practical joke.
Jill: Well, I'd suggest telling the cousin that she should cut it out.
Jill: If she feels genuinely offended, they might not have been in cahoots.
Jill: But I'm just spouting nonsense based on what you've told me. Don't pay too much attention.
Betty: It's better than my suggestion.
Jill: What was yours?
Deal: Waterboarding.
Jill: I se-... what?
Deal: The fact that she knows how to waterboard somebody is what scares me most.
Betty: The Girl Scouts also taught me how to skin a deer, and I see nobody making a fuss about
Betty: But yeah, your advice sounds good enough.
Betty: Especially when you factor that if Gina's being honest about her, she probably won't feel offended.
Deal:Gina... Which one was that again?
Betty: Blonde, flat as a cutting board but cute as a button.
Deal: Oh yeah... she came to the office Christmas party, right?
Betty: That's the one.

For your information, Betty and Deal are both vets and they come to the bar for a drink. Jill works in the bar as a bartender. They were chitchating.
I don't quite understand this dialogue because I am not sure who Vero and Gina refer to respectively? And so many "her"s in the dialogue make me confused as to who they refer to respectively.Here is my understanding about the dialogue.

Betty is a lesbian. One of her exes called Vero encourages her cousin (named Gina) to hit on Betty.
But Vero knows who Betty is so Betty can't pretend to be a heterosexual with the help of her workmate(Deal).  And Jill suggest that Betty tell Gina to stop doing hitting on her. If Gina feels offended, Gina might not have colluded with Vero. Then Betty says if Gina is honest about herself and really wants to develop a romantic relationship with Betty, Gina probably won't feel offended.
I don't know if I understand the dialogue correctly. Besides, I don't what "knowing Vero" means. Please let me know what it means and if I understand the dialogue correctly. Thank you in advance.

Jul 24, 2016 5:43 PM
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This conversation is really odd and doesn't sound like a real conversation that women would have between themselves at all. Where did you get this from??? Firstly, "knowing Vero" essentially means that "I know Vero and I know what what she would do/say" 

The really odd parts:

1. No one says "piece o' scrap," and I mean No One.

2. "spouting nonsense ... don't pay too much attention" - Jill was asked a question & she answered reasonably so why would she say this? It's just a very odd thing to put in here.

3. What does waterboarding have to do with the discussion of getting hit on by someone? Is Deal suggesting that Betty waterboard the cousin? Why does the conversation veer towards that? It goes off into an odd direction.

4. The Girl Scouts do not teach anyone how to skin a deer, I'm pretty sure the boy scouts don't either.

5. We say that a woman is "as flat as a board" not a "cutting" board; we also say "flat as a pancake"

So, I would not use that conversation to study English & whomever wrote it is most likely NOT a native speaker of English. I would not trust the source.

July 24, 2016

"Knowing Vero" in this contest is a semi humorous/semi annoyed or disgusted way of saying..knowing her sense of humor, knowing what she is likely to do/ find funny, setting me up like this is something she would do.

July 24, 2016
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