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Brazil is not prepared to have real benefits with big international events
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In less than fifteen days, Rio de Janeiro will officially start Olympic Games. Until this moment, the dwellers discussed a lot about if this type of big event is good or not to the population. Some organizations and people have the opinion that the city will receive money, open future opportunities and give a few happiness to Brazilians. But a huge part thinks that the country has many basic life problems to solve and should take care of them before spend money in something not essential.

In 2014, before World Cup Tour, we have the same discussion, but there was a better equilibrium between who thought that was something good and who thought the opposite. After the event the population didn't see the real benefits of the legacy. The cities have many problems during the event like traffic jam, some organizations stopped because of the extra holidays, streets were very dirty with no sufficient public restrooms and many tourists came without money to busk in the subways. Nowadays, as can be seen in journals and news, many big stadiums constructed to Cup are closed. Specially in the north, northeast and middle-west areas of the country where the population is more poor. Rio de Janeiro has an older example: Maria Lenk Aquatic Stadium constructed to Pan American Games in 2007. After the event it received just a few tournaments and the most time it is closed. The government is not able to create sports programs to make these places useful by the population, but spent a lot of investment to build them. 

Since 2013 Brazil has been suffering the most powerful effect of the economic crisis and now it is in the middle of the impeachment process. The country is without financial resource in all areas. Rio de Janeiro increased the numbers of violence incidents as have never seen before and the police has almost stopped to work because it was without money to pay the fuel of the officers cars. The statistics of workers that have been fired every month is frightful. The hospitals are in bad conditions without appliances and doctors with no payment, but with long wait lines caused by diseases like zika and chikungunya. Brazilians are living one day each time and watching their money being spent not in long-term solutions in security, health, education or economy.

The population is not against the big events in general. Brazil is a country that loves parties and is amazing in receiving tourists. But Brazilians are tired and they have figured out what is really important to maintain the happiness with quality of life. Today is not a good moment, but the dwellers will receive Olympic Games with a forced smile on their faces. The tourists will know a fake Brazil with a fake security for example. Brazilians don't believe that they will have long-term benefits with the big events because the country is not prepared to work towards to it, but they still fighting for the day when they will have the basics.
Jul 25, 2016 7:13 AM
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