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Can someone please help me to translate this into Japanese? I'd really appreciate your help. Vietnam is not a safe country, you know. Even it's totally peaceful but there are a lot of thieves, robbers and burglars here. 
I lost my wrist watch and my phone within 3 days. While I was washing my face in company toilet and I took off my watch, it's new and has white color so I was afraid it would get stains, then somebody took it away. 
2 days later, while I was in a festival, a pickpocket stole my phone. They're really affordable, not expensive at all but I still feel regret for not only those lost items but I regret of the new generation. 
Some people are working with salary but still want to become robbers. That makes me sick! But now I think over and over again, this might sound stupid but the watch or the phone, they're both material things, they are replaceable. Think about if you lost someone you love, that would be more hurtful, so I did not feel sad anymore, I keep my positive energy and try to believe in human as I ever did before.
Jul 25, 2016 1:26 PM
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sorry about all of things that you spent in Vietnam. But you can not access my country like that. I sure that just someone has a lack of behaviors, but in general, I think Vietnamese people are very kind and helpful. If you have a change to visit my country again, especially at Nha Trang, I will show you how good we are. Thank for your comment and hope you will change your mind in the future.

July 25, 2016
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