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iuliana modiga
Models and role-models


What"s the diferrence between models and role-models?

Thank you!

Jul 25, 2016 2:00 PM
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I agree with you @Susan at your explanation.But I think,using the word "role" more express what we want to say and show more positive feeling about that person by whom we are influenced so much.

So for example--if I will say--She is my model--here it expresses like you are a boss of a fashion design company  and the lady you refer is a model working in your company.

But if I say--She is my role model---then here it clearly expresses that the lady who I referring is a person whose attitude/behaviour helped me to transform my character or behaviour like her and I am feeling great for that.  

Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm also trying to learn English to make myself fluent.Thank you.Keep smiling:)

July 26, 2016

Susan and Sudeep have really explained the main differences...Its about adding context and using emphasis.

However, model is a verb as well as a noun.  Role model is effectively just a noun.

So you could change the structure of your sentence to say...I MODEL myself on her because I believe in her value of perseverance.

You couldn't say I ROLE MODEL myself on her

I'm not sure if this helps the debate but I though it my help to clarify the difference


July 26, 2016
A role model is someone has the result you want, so you copy their approach, their strategies,.. but just in one specific area, not the whole area of your life .for example: If you want to be good at golf then maybe your role model should be Tiger Woods, you do what he did to be the No.1 golfer in the world, but maybe you don't want your relationship to be like Tiger Woods's :)
July 26, 2016
People very frequently just say model instead of role model where I come from in the central United States.  It depends on the context.  Usually if you just say, ¨She is a model¨, you would be understood as saying that her profession is being paid to model something. However, if you say ¨She is a model for me because she is persevering¨  you would be understood as meaning role model.  ¨Role¨is not always needed if the context is clear.
July 25, 2016

A model could be a person or a thing that is either employed or created to pose for an artist, photographer, or sculptor to showcase something.

A role model on the other hand is someone that other people look up to whether for his or her ideas, actions, and so on. 

July 25, 2016
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